The 5 Best Model Agency in Singapore 2023

Singapore’s fashion scene has blossomed into a vibrant and diverse melting pot of style, and at the heart of this industry are the model agencies that shape and drive it forward. These agencies play a crucial role in scouting talented individuals, nurturing aspiring models, and connecting them with prestigious brands, propelling Singapore’s fashion excellence to new heights. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the top five model agencies in Singapore, highlighting their distinctive approaches, impressive portfolios, and why we admire them.

Key Consideration Factors

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Best Model Agency in Singapore

Upfront Models & Production 

best model agency in singapore

Upfront Models & Production has emerged as a leading model agency in Singapore, catering to both commercial and high-fashion models. Their models possess exceptional runway presence, captivating camera skills, and a strong social media presence, making them versatile assets to the industry.

What sets Upfront Models & Production apart is their commitment to diversity. With a talented team of models from various corners of the world, they have successfully cultivated a multicultural and inclusive representation of beauty and talent. This international appeal has earned them recognition not only in Singapore but also abroad, solidifying their status as one of the most successful and sought-after model agencies in the industry.

>>Company details

Address 16 Jln Kilang Timor, #07-03, Singapore 159308
Phone 65 6323 5345
Operating Hours Monday to Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm

>>Key differentiators

  • Diverse Global Talent
  • Strong International Presence
  • Embracing the Power of Social Media


“I started in Upfront Models as a model and when I got closer to the staff, I decided to join them as a staff. I love how family oriented they are and how they always make time to bond with their models. This is what compelled me to help grow with Upfront as a staff. To many more years.” – Lukas Deroy (Google review)

MC Models 

best model agency in Singapore

MC Models is a renowned fashion company specializing in business and commercial products. Their expertise in the fashion industry has earned them a reputation for training and grooming talented models from both local and international backgrounds. As a prolific fashion company, they aim to inject fashionability in areas not typically associated with fashion. With their proficiency in various areas of fashion, you can rely on MC Models for promotions and more.

MC Models offers a wide range of services tailored to both corporate clients and individuals. Whether you need models for promotional campaigns, corporate events, or personal projects, their team is equipped to deliver professional and customized solutions to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, MC Models provides a diverse set of event services, excelling in creating engaging and memorable event experiences. With meticulous attention to detail and a creative approach, they ensure that every event they handle is executed seamlessly and leaves a lasting impression on attendees.

>>Company details

Phone 65 9898 1761
Operating Hours Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

>>Key differentiators

  • Fashionable Expertise
  • Versatile Services
  • Personalized Approach


“Marc was very professional and had lots of tips and experiences to share during the model workshop. In lessons, he is stricter and more straightforward which has helped in making the course more fruitful. Overall, was a very good teacher.” – Ashley Liew Jia Rong (Google review)

Basic Models Management 

Best Model Agency Singapore

Basic Models Management stands out as one of Singapore’s leading model agencies, renowned for its extensive collaborations with prestigious global brands. Their impressive portfolio includes partnerships with esteemed names such as Gucci, Charles & Keith, Dolce & Gabbana, Love & Bonito, L’Oréal, and many others. This strong association with renowned brands is a testament to their industry reputation and their ability to consistently deliver exceptional talent for high-profile campaigns.

Within their talent pool, Basic Models Management boasts a roster of top models who have graced the pages of both local and international publications. These accomplished individuals have garnered recognition and acclaim for their captivating presence and versatile skills, making Basic Models Management an ideal choice for brands seeking captivating and impactful visuals.

>>Company details

Address 1 Irving Place #09-10 Singapore 369546
Phone 65 6910 1801
Operating Hours Monday to Friday 10:00am – 5:00pm

>>Key differentiators

  • Exclusive Partnerships with Global Brands
  • Top Talent and International Recognition
  • Comprehensive Training and Professionalism


“My daughter is a model with this agency and she is very well taken care of. The agency respect that school comes first and will try their best to accommodate her schedule. Major career planning will also always involve us (her parents). Overall, this has been a great experience for us.” – Teng Leong Lee

Phantom Management 

Phantom Management stands out as a reliable choice among the top model agencies in Singapore. With a team of experienced models, they excel in various fields, including runway and editorial modeling, ensuring versatility and expertise in every project they undertake.

Phantom Management’s reputation speaks for itself, as they have collaborated with renowned brands such as Heineken, Sony, Lego, Piaget, Samsung, HSBC, Microsoft, and many others. This impressive client portfolio showcases their ability to deliver exceptional results and establish trust among prominent companies in Singapore’s business landscape. Whether it’s commercial campaigns, brand endorsements, or promotional activities, Phantom Management consistently proves to be a trusted partner for brands seeking professional and talented models.

>>Company details

Address 77C Duxton Rd, Singapore 089536
Phone 65 6221 2981
65 9618 7502
65 9817 6519
Operating Hours Check here

>>Key differentiators

  • Diverse Expertise
  • Trusted by Prominent Brands
  • Extensive Network and Connections


“The best modeling agency without doubt in Singapore. Super professional and hardworking team that gets the best out of their talents and works to provide innovative and Creative  solutions for clients.” – Tim Griffin (Google review)

Yash Models 

Best Model Agency Singapore

Yash Models is a renowned international modeling and celebrity management agency that has successfully collaborated with talented individuals from across the globe. Based in Simlim Tower, they have established themselves as experts in event management, organizing fashion events and concerts. Additionally, they excel in casting services and brand promotions, providing exceptional support to clients in their promotional campaigns.

With an extensive catalog of over 16,000 models, Yash Models is committed to discovering and nurturing hidden talents, ensuring a diverse and dynamic representation in the modeling industry. Whether you are an aspiring model or a brand seeking professional models for your campaigns, Yash Models offers a wide range of services tailored to meet your specific needs.

>>Company details

Address Mayo Street, Opp Simlim Tower, Singapore
Phone 1 323 455 4662
Operating Hours Check here

>>Key differentiators

  • Extensive International Network
  • Event Management Expertise
  • Wide Range of Services


“One of the best agency in Singapore and Overseas.” – PREMSONS MOTOR UDYOG PVT LTD BARIATU (Google Review)

How Does A Model Agency In Singapore Work?

A model agency in Singapore operates as an intermediary between models and clients, such as fashion designers, advertising agencies, and commercial brands. The agency’s primary function is to represent and promote models, connecting them with potential job opportunities in the fashion, advertising, and entertainment industries.

Here’s a general overview of how a model agency in Singapore typically works:

Talent Recruitment: Model agencies actively seek out potential models by conducting casting calls, attending fashion events, reviewing portfolios, and scouting talent from various sources. They look for individuals who possess the desired physical attributes, such as height, body proportions, and facial features, as well as specific qualities that match the agency’s requirements.

Model Selection and Contracts: Once a potential model is identified, the agency conducts interviews and assessments to determine their suitability for the industry. If selected, the agency will offer the model a contract outlining the terms and conditions of their representation. This includes details regarding commission rates, duration of the contract, exclusivity clauses, and other obligations.

Portfolio Development: Model agencies typically collaborate with professional photographers, makeup artists, and stylists to create a model’s portfolio. The portfolio showcases the model’s versatility and range, featuring a variety of high-quality images highlighting different looks and styles. This portfolio serves as a visual resume for clients considering hiring the model.

Promotion and Marketing: The agency takes on the responsibility of promoting their models to potential clients. This involves showcasing the models’ portfolios to casting directors, advertising agencies, fashion designers, and other industry professionals. The agency may also create online profiles or websites for their models and actively engage in marketing and networking efforts to increase their visibility.

Job Bookings and Negotiations: When a client expresses interest in hiring a model, the agency handles the negotiation and contractual aspects. They discuss the project’s requirements, including the scope of work, compensation, usage rights, and any additional conditions. The agency ensures that the model’s interests are protected and that the terms of the agreement are fair.

Model Development and Training: Model agencies often provide training and guidance to their models to enhance their skills and professionalism. This may include runway training, posing techniques, grooming and etiquette, fitness guidance, and workshops on various aspects of the industry. By investing in their models’ development, the agency aims to improve their marketability and increase their chances of success.


Administrative Support: Model agencies handle various administrative tasks on behalf of their models. This includes managing contracts, invoicing clients, tracking payments, scheduling bookings, and handling logistics for assignments. They also provide ongoing support to models, addressing any concerns and acting as a liaison between the model and the client.

Financial Arrangements: Model agencies typically earn their revenue through commissions. They receive a percentage of the model’s earnings from each booking or project, as specified in the contract. The commission rate can vary depending on the agency and the nature of the job.

It’s important to note that the specific operations and procedures of a model agency can vary between different organizations. However, the general principles outlined above provide an understanding of how model agencies in Singapore typically function.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do model agencies in Singapore offer?

Model agencies in Singapore undertake various tasks such as talent scouting, model training, booking arrangements, contract negotiations, and continuous career guidance and support.

What is the process to become part of a model agency in Singapore?

To join a model agency in Singapore, you can submit your portfolio, which should include professional photographs and measurements, either through their website or by attending their open casting calls.

What are the requirements for becoming a model in Singapore?

While criteria may differ among agencies, typical prerequisites include a minimum height of approximately 170 cm for females and 180 cm for males, a well-proportioned and fit physique, and the ability to project confidence on the runway or in front of the camera.

Is prior modeling experience essential to join a model agency in Singapore?

No, prior experience is not always obligatory. Many agencies are willing to groom new talent and offer training and development opportunities for aspiring models.

How do model agencies in Singapore secure clients for their models?

Model agencies in Singapore have extensive networks and establish partnerships with brands, designers, advertising agencies, and production companies. They actively promote their models and negotiate contracts on their behalf.

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